tailored specialty risk and data solutions

White Label Client Risk Portal for Insurance & Advisory 

Unique Risk Management & Data Analytics Platform

Blended risk management tools and services with client onboarding and expert content engagement, completely white labelled and tailored to the organisation

Blended Risk Management Tools
Enhance policy programmes, scale the delivery of risk engineering fees and support bespoke, personalised Advisory services
Onboarding & Outreach Programmes
Client onboarding and automated engagement programmes based on unique Expert content, building authority & leadership
Unique Selling Propositions & Pre Sales Support
Efficient and scalable tools providing pre sales support to Brokers, Producers and Major Practice Teams

Enterprise White Label Controls
White labelled enterprise platform implementing the organisations GDPR, data security and compliance requirements

Solution Areas

Insurance Policy Lines
Deliver custom risk management tools and services in support of insurance lines of business
Risk Management Allowance
Build and deliver additional value through effective utilisation of the Risk Management Allowance
Advisory Programmes
Unique Advisory programmes increasing capacity at scale for greater utilisation margins

Return on Investment

Rapidly build authority, capacity & capability with new business revenue lines and high value analytical data
Branded, consistent client engagement and experience which reinforces the brand and client relationship

“Blended risk management tools and services with client onboarding and expert content engagement, completely white labelled and tailored to the organisation”
Scale SME / Advisory & Consulting Revenue & Influence
Effectively exploit and scale subject matter experts for increased utilisation, capacity and margins
Exploit & Scale RMA Funds
Scale the capture and deliver of available RMA funds from smaller to major risk client programmes
Increase Profitability of Policy Books
Through smart online tools and data increase policy book profitability through more effective risk management
Improve Market Depth and Coverage Options
Negotiate better wording and coverage based on more effective and demonstrable risk management for clients
Improve Market Depth and Coverage Options
Develop unique Datasets and Analytics to exploit internally and externally, including underwriting markets

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