Client Onboarding & Engagement Programmes

  • Branded client onboarding to ensure a consistent, clear and professional first impression
  • Engagement programmes driven by Subject Matter Expert (SME) content
Unique Pre Sales Support at Scale
Supporting sales development can be time consuming and repetitive. The Risk Portal provides unique, scalable tools that can be built once and used many times reducing the load on the Advisory/SME team.
Professional Onboarding Experience
Automated and consistent onboarding ensures standards are maintained and clients are supported and nurtured to unlock programme value as quickly as possible.
Leverage Subject Matter Experts
Subject Matter Experts are a finite resource. By leveraging modern content marketing, unique expert content can be repurposed consistently at scale through minimal SME time & commitment.
Build Leadership, Authority & Value
SME content & Ask the Expert insights, delivered through automated engagement programmes at an appropriate and consistent tempo build thought leadership and value.
“Blended risk management tools and services with client onboarding and expert content engagement, completely white labelled and tailored to the organisation”
Annual Enterprise License
Traditional Enterprise SAAS license based on portfolio size and services
Shared Risk/Reward with a % of Policy Book
Online risk portal wrapper bound within the policy premium
Shared RMA Funds
Leverage RMA funds with a shared model
Smaller Annual License with Bonus based on loss mitigation (Cyber)
Technology mitigation for Cyber security remunerated based on reduction of losses across the policy book