Debrief Portal

(Lessons Identified to Lessons Learned)

Online structured debriefs to share and categorise post incident details 
A dynamic, interactive resilience dataset of lessons identified and best practice

Unique database of post incident Debriefs to capture Lessons Identified and track through to Lessons Learned

Analyse the data to build out best practice data services for resilience managers and Analytical data to power insurance underwriting

Proprietary Risk Management Tools & Services
Build out custom risk tools such as resilience assessments, risk registers and online workbooks utilising Advisories unique intellectual capital to differentiate at scale
Automate & Build Leadership, Authority & Value
Automated engagement programmes based on Subject Matter Expert content, building continuous value
Unique Selling Propositions for Sales Support
Efficient and scalable tools for pre sales support to Brokers, Producers and Major Practice Teams, delivering more for less
Unique Data Feeds & Models
Integrate proprietary datasets and third party feeds to create unique data and analysis services